Speaker Series 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

The TEDxBondUniversity speaker series will feature speakers from many walks of life sharing ideas and providing inspiration to the students, alumni, staff and the general public on Bond University’s main Gold Coast campus. Our mission is simple; to generate ideas among tomorrow’s leaders, by sharing the ideas of today. More practically, we aim to make TEDxBondUniversity the most widely student-viewed inspirational event in Queensland. This viewership will be facilitated starting at Bond University itself with live streaming across screens and lecture theatres all over the university. Viewership will then be extended to students all over Australasia as we collaborate with students and universities across the entire global region to have dedicated screening events. The live audience will consist of 100 lucky viewers who will have lunch with the speakers before the event, adding a unique aspect to an already special and intimate TEDlike experience.

Innovation Alley 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

Like at several other prestigious TEDx events, TEDxBondUniversity will feature an Innovation Alley. This is where we will exhibit the ideas of tomorrow, to the community of today. Our Innovation Alley will be a unique opportunity for young people to spread the future generation of ideas, with the current leaders in the community. As part of the TEDxBondUniversity precinct, Innovation Alley will span across Bond’s campus with rows of interstate PhD students, community leaders and people with inspirational stories sharing their ideas and experiences with the world.

Innovation Alley will be a community event, open to the public, where participants will be given a space to present their ideas to the community in a format that suits them; be it a poster, a live demonstration or a public speech. Hundreds of professionals, businessmen, politicians and residents of Australia’s fastest growing city, along with thousands of Bond students and alumni, will be invited to the event to be inspired by the ideas of our youth. Our hope is that TEDxBondUniversity’s Innovation Alley will be a hub of ideas and experience for the entire region to learn from and be inspired by.